Course Description

If you are responsible for purchasing, running PET filling lines, quality or packaging development, then this is the course for you. This course will help you understand the PET bottle making process including resins, preforms, blow molding, bottles, PET process chemistry and properties, QC methods and other key attributes. As the premier global beverage society, the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) recognized a need for information on the key factors and technology used in creating PET Bottles, which are 67% of the containers used to package beverages, and so this course was created.

About the Instructor

Beverage Institute by ISBT®

International Society of Beverage Technologists

Every organization in the beverage industry needs to have trained personnel proficient in beverage fundamentals, industry best practices, technical standards and current technology. As the premier technical beverage industry society, ISBT is in the unique position to offer you the very best in professional development and training solutions. Beverage Institute by ISBT® is designed to provide an important resource for the global community of beverage professionals. The sessions, given by experienced beverage professionals, provide overviews as well as in-depth discussions on key topics in the art and science of beverage production.

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