Introduction to Temperature Assurance Fundamentals

Course Description

Students completing this course will understand the fundamentals and advanced concepts of temperature assurance packaging (TAP) so that they can: evaluate different TAP solutions as they relate to the needs of their company, contribute knowledgeably to conversations regarding temperature assurance packaging, and guide their organizations in implementing TAP solutions.

Course Curriculum

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    A. Why Your Cold Chain Matters

    • Goals | Why Your Cold Chain Matters

    • Cold Chain Overview

    • TAP Tip: Temperature Control or Cold Chain? Proper Terminology

    • Label Storage Versus Transportation Temperature

    • Families of Storage Temperature

    • Quick Reference Guide to Global GDP Guidelines

    • Question: Evaluating a Temperature Excursion

    • Discussion: How to Handle a Temperature Excursion

    • Answer: Evaluating a Temperature Excursion

    • How to Handle a Temperature Excursion

    • Knowledge Check: Why Your Cold Chain Matters

  • 3

    B. Industry Terminology

    • Goals | Industry Terminology

    • Temperature Assurance Packaging

    • Passive Packaging

    • Active Packaging

    • Qualification | Definition and Importance

    • Qualifying Packaging for Temperature Sensitive Products

    • Temperature Monitoring

    • Temperature Monitors

  • 4

    C. Scientific Principles

    • Goals | Scientific Principles

    • Introduction to Scientific Principles

    • The Laws of Thermodynamics

    • Heat Transfer Overview

    • Modes of Heat Transfer

    • How Payload Affects Your Packaging

    • Thermal Properties of Materials

    • Heat Transfer and Relationship to Insulation Material Performance

    • Insulation Material Performance

    • Scientific Principles Knowledge Check

  • 5

    D. Materials & Technology

    • Goals | Materials & Technology

    • Introduction to Materials & Technology

    • Phase Change Materials

    • Phase Change Materials Graph

    • Insulation Materials

    • Application of Materials & Technology

  • 6

    E. Shipping & Transit Considerations

    • Goals | Shipping & Transit Considerations

    • Shipping & Transit Considerations | Scenario

    • Understanding Shipping & Transit Options| Interrelationships

    • Import/Export Regulations

    • Shipment Type

    • Shipment Type Knowledge Check

    • Parcel Shipments

    • Determining Dimensional Weight

    • Shipment Type | Mode of Transportation

    • Product Type

    • Lane Characterization

    • Shipping & Transit Considerations Discussion

    • Shipping & Transit Considerations | Scenario

  • 7


    • Conclusion Video

    • Final Exam

    • TAP Conclusion Survey

About the Instructor

ISC Labs

Sonoco ThermoSafe

As the Temperature Controlled Packaging industry continues to grow, Sonoco ThermoSafe is at the forefront of developments to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of temperature sensitive products. For the last several decades, Sonoco ThermoSafe’s ISC Labs has been providing training and education to help our customers learn about the best solution to ship their temperature-sensitive products. To expand the knowledge of our customers and partners in the temperature assurance packaging realm, we are pleased to offer this course.

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