Course Description

This course will begin by covering important milestones in the rise of sucrose from domestication in New Guinea to trade across the world. We will then take a deep dive into the chemistry, manufacturing, quality and analytical guidelines, and functional properties of sucrose. The manufacturing processes of sugarcane and sugar beets may sound a bit complicated, but they will be broken down step by step using flow charts and graphics, giving you a working knowledge of production ins and outs. Liquid sucrose, widely used in the soft drink industry, will also be discussed.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Sucrose!

    2. History and Basics of Sucrose

    3. Sucrose Chemistry

    4. Raw Materials and Manufacturing

    5. Quality of Granular Sucrose

    6. Analytical Guidelines for Granular Sucrose

    7. Liquid Sucrose

    8. Functionality and Applications

    9. Wrap Up

    10. Knowledge Check: Sucrose

    11. Survey

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