Introduction to Package Development with Solidworks - Basics

Course Description

The objective of this course is to bring practice and application to the fundamentals tools of Solidworks, within the context of packaging. Access to Solidworks software is not included in this course—students are expected to have an active license to the software. To access the student edition, check out this link:,CCA_DIS,CCA_MAS,CCA_VIS

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Solidworks

    2. How to Navigate the Course

    3. Introduction to CAD Think

    4. Interface

    5. View Manipulation

    6. Task Pane

    7. 3 Concepts

    8. Computer Test: 3D PDF

    9. How to Create 3D PDFs

    10. How to Create ZIP Files

    11. Introduction to Solidworks

    12. Practice

    13. Practice Assessment

    14. Online CAD resources

    15. Practice Quiz

    16. Survey: Week 1

    1. Sketching Introduction

    2. Getting Started Sketching

    3. Line Tool

    4. Rectangle Tool

    5. Circles and Arcs

    6. Automatic Sketch Relations

    7. Manual Geometric Relations

    8. Dimensions

    9. Sketch Fillets

    10. Mirror Tool

    11. Offset Entities

    12. Trim Tool

    13. Convert Entities

    14. Sketch on Faces

    15. Circular Sketch Pattern

    16. Linear Sketch Pattern

    17. Linear Pattern Tool

    18. Power User Sketching Methods

    19. Lesson: Design of Corrugated Box and Divider

    20. Assignment: Design of a Corrugated Box and Divider

    21. Check: Design of a Corrugated Box and Divider

    22. Need More Practice?

    23. Practice Assessment

    24. Quiz: Sketching

    25. Survey: Week 2

    1. Introduction to Sketched Features and Parts

    2. Extrude Boss

    3. Contours and Thin Feature

    4. Extrude Cut

    5. Revolved Boss

    6. Revolved Cut

    7. Sweep

    8. Loft

    9. Editing Parts

    10. Appearance Callout

    11. Feature Suppressions

    12. Parent Child Relationships

    13. Mass Properties

    14. Lesson: Cushion Design for a Printer

    15. Assignment: Create a Cushioning System for a Cell Phone

    16. Check: Create a Cushioning System for a Cell Phone

    17. Need More Practice?

    18. Practice Assessment

    19. Quiz: Sketched Features and Parts

    20. Survey: Week 3

    1. Introduction to Applied Features

    2. Fillet

    3. Chamfer

    4. Shell

    5. Mirror

    6. Mirror Bodies

    7. Reference Planes

    8. Circular Pattern tool

    9. Curve Driven Patterns

    10. Axes

    11. Planes

    12. Wrap

    13. Replicating Features

    14. Lesson: Design of a Product in a Blister Pack

    15. Assignment: Design of a Product in a Blister Pack

    16. Check: Design of a Product in a Blister Pack

    17. Lesson: Design of a Gift Box

    18. Assignment: Design of a Salad Container

    19. Check: Design of a Salad Container

    20. Need More Practice?

    21. Practice Assessment

    22. Quiz: Applied Features

    23. Survey: Week 4

    1. Introduction to Assemblies

    2. Starting an Assembly

    3. Inserting Components

    4. Positioning Parts

    5. Exploded Views

    6. Intro to mates

    7. Mating Parts

    8. Smart Mates

    9. Interface Detection

    10. Collision Detection

    11. Lesson: Assembly Drawing of an Exploded Shipping Package

    12. Assignment: Assembly Drawing of the Exploded Shipping Package

    13. Check: Assembly Drawing of the Exploded Shipping Package

    14. Lesson: Product in the Clamshell Package

    15. Assignment: Clamshell Jewelry Box

    16. Check: Clamshell Jewelry Box

    17. Lesson: Assembly of the Corrugated Box and Bottle

    18. Assignment: Assembly of the Corrugated Box and Jar

    19. Check: Assembly of the Corrugated Box and Jar

    20. Need More Practice?

    21. Quiz: Assemblies

    22. Survey: Week 5

    1. Introduction to Drawings

    2. Intro to Drawings

    3. Model Views

    4. Section Views

    5. Detail View

    6. Bill of Material

    7. Adding Balloons

    8. Drawing Dimensions

    9. Lesson: Drawing for the Cushion Foam

    10. Assignment: Drawing for the Cushion Foam

    11. Need More Practice?

    12. Quiz: Drawings

    13. Survey: Week 6

About this course

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  • 8 hours of video content

About the Instructor

Dr. Andrew Hurley

Founder and Associate Professor

Packaging and entrepreneurship came together at an early age for Dr. Andrew Hurley. As a young boy, he molded and sold pewter figurines, but inadequate shipping materials led to breakage. Frustrated, he set to researching better packaging alternatives … and he hasn’t ever stopped. Dr. Hurley is an Associate Professor at Clemson University in the Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences. He leads the packaging design emphasis area, where he researches how to leverage packaging to solve even the toughest supply chain challenges.

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