Introduction to Pressure Sensitive Labels 101

Course Description

Pressure sensitive labels play an essential role in the packaging value chain – they enable your brand to stand out among the competition on the shelf and convey vital, sometimes lifesaving information. How much do you really know about the innovative technology that goes into developing these labels? By taking Pressure Sensitive Labels 101, you will learn first-hand the essentials of the world’s leading label type. Developed and taught by UPM Raflatac’s world-renowned experts, the Pressure Sensitive Labels 101 course includes an overview of the global pressure sensitive labels market, decoration technologies and market share, label construction, press converting, end use application, performance testing and so much more. Once you complete the course at your own pace, you will be equipped with the expertise and recognition to grow your business through operational efficiency, brand impact and sales.

Course Curriculum

    1. Course Disclaimer

    2. Welcome to PS 101! Introduction to Decoration Technologies and Market Share

    3. How to Navigate the Course

    4. Pressure Sensitive Labels Defined

    5. Global & Pressure Sensitive Labels Market

    6. Prime, Variable & Specials

    7. Label Stock Value Chain

    8. Discussion - Let's Get to Know Each Other!

    1. Introduction to PS Label Construction

    2. Anatomy of a Label

    3. Face Stock

    4. Adhesives

    5. Liners

    6. Knowledge Check: PS Construction

    1. Introduction to Coating and Laminating

    2. Basic Steps

    3. Knowledge Check: Coating & Laminating a PS Construction

    1. Introduction to Press Converting

    2. The Label Converting Process

    3. Die Cutting

    4. Stripping the Matrix

    5. Finishing

    6. Knowledge Check: Press Converting

    1. Introduction to End Use Application

    2. VIP Labels

    3. Prime Labels

    4. Knowledge Check: End Use Applications

    1. Introduction to Pressure Sensitive Handling

    2. General Handling & Storage

    3. Knowledge Check: Pressure Sensitive Handling

About this course

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  • 37 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

About the Instructor

UPM Raflatac

UPM Raflatac is leading in sustainable labeling through our innovative self-adhesive label materials and services. We offer high-quality paper and film label stock for branding and promotion, informational labels, and labels with functionality.

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