Introduction to Paperboard Cartons

Course Description

The paper segment of the global containers and packaging market is the most lucrative, boasting a 40% market share of revenue. From Fortune 500 brands to emerging startups, paperboard is a top-used packaging substrate. It's no wonder because paperboard has amazing graphics and printing capabilities, a high degree of sustainability, and enhanced usability. As a packaging designer, marketer, converter, or supply chain manager it is beneficial to understand the ins and outs of paperboard in order to produce the best carton possible. This eLearning course will focus on helping you understand the foundations of paperboard packaging from sourcing raw materials to the finished good. This understanding will serve as an important context for your future advancement, on your own and in your company.

Course Curriculum

    1. Course Disclaimer

    2. Navigation Tutorial

    3. Paperboard Packaging Workbook

    4. Welcome!

    5. History of Paperboard

    6. Industry Overview

    7. Basics of Paperboard

    8. Paperboard Packaging Potential

    9. Glossary

    10. Paperboard Cartons Orientation - Let's get to know each other

    1. Paperboard Manufacturing Introduction

    2. Manufacturing Paperboard

    3. Pulping Process

    4. Papermaking Process

    5. Paper vs. Paperboard

    6. Surface Coatings and Treatments

    7. PFAS

    8. Knowledge Check: Paperboard Manufacturing

    1. Introduction to Paperboard Grades

    2. Overview of Paperboard Grades

    3. Paperboard Grades Video

    4. Paperboard Grades Cheat Sheet

    5. Knowledge Check: Paperboard Grades

    6. Open-ended Question

    7. Open-ended Answer

    1. Paperboard Styles

    2. Overview of Styles

    3. Miscellaneous Carton Styles

    4. Design Inspirational Flipbook

    1. Introduction to Properties and Testing

    2. Testing Standards

    3. Paperboard Properties

    4. Paperboard Properties Reference Guide

    5. Defects

    6. Sustainability in Paperboard

    7. Knowledge Check: Properties and Testing

    1. Design

    2. Board Caliper Matrix

    3. Structural Design

    4. Finishes

    5. Printing on Paperboard

    6. Print Selector Strategy

    7. Designing a Carton

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About the Instructor

Dr. Andrew Hurley

Founder and Associate Professor

Packaging and entrepreneurship came together at an early age for Dr. Andrew Hurley. As a young boy, he molded and sold pewter figurines, but inadequate shipping materials led to breakage. Frustrated, he set to researching better packaging alternatives … and he hasn’t ever stopped. Dr. Hurley is an Associate Professor at Clemson University in the Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences. He leads the packaging design emphasis area, where he researches how to leverage packaging to solve even the toughest supply chain challenges.

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