Introduction to Packaging Design Workflow

Course Description

In this course, we review design terminology, highlight important design theories such as typography, color, and imagery, and look at various materials. We discuss how to best approach a project with your team and leverage iterative development to build winning designs. There is a lot to cover in packaging design, but this is the first step: making sure you have a solid foundation and workflow when starting a project. You will receive Dr. Andrew Hurley's RFP guides and the design brief template and strategies he's used to launch over 100 package designs to market.

Course Curriculum

    1. Course Disclaimer

    2. Navigation Tutorial

    3. Packaging Design Workflow Workbook

    4. Introduction

    5. History of Packaging Design

    6. Professional Roles and Functions

    7. Package Design Workflow Overview

    8. The Packaging School's Design Workflow

    9. Design Terminology

    1. Introduction to Branding Basics

    2. Trademark and Copyright

    3. Color Theory and Symbolism

    4. Typography

    5. Brand Development Lab

    6. Style Guide Lab

    7. Bonus Material Download: BIG Brand Style Guides

    1. Introduction to Starting a Project

    2. New Package Development Responsibilities & Timeline

    3. Team Building

    4. RFPs and Proposals

    5. How to Create a Package Design Brief

    6. Supply and Distribution Chain Maps

    7. Package Design Brief

    8. Packaging Design Research

    9. Category Audit & PoG

    1. Introduction to Package Development

    2. Fundamental Principles of Design

    3. Materials and Structure Workshop

    4. Prep Lab: Creative Thinking & Brainstorming

    5. Creative Thinking Brainstorming

    6. Ideation Selection

    7. Ideation Selection Template

    8. Ideation Selection Template

    9. Primary Display Panel

    10. Visual Design Workshop

    11. Discussion: How do you brainstorm?

    1. Introduction to Design Refinement

    2. Prototyping Your Packaging

    3. Making a Digital Comp

    4. Digital Comp Softwares

    5. Sustainability Considerations

    6. Survey Basics

    7. 6 Steps to a Good Questionnaire Design

    8. Eye Tracking 101

    1. Introduction to Production Prep

    2. Specifications & Production Comps

    3. Planning for Production

    4. Preflight Checklist

About this course

  • $399.00
  • 58 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

About the Instructor

Dr. Andrew Hurley

Founder and Associate Professor

Packaging and entrepreneurship came together at an early age for Dr. Andrew Hurley. As a young boy, he molded and sold pewter figurines, but inadequate shipping materials led to breakage. Frustrated, he set to researching better packaging alternatives … and he hasn’t ever stopped. Dr. Hurley is an Associate Professor at Clemson University in the Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences. He leads the packaging design emphasis area, where he researches how to leverage packaging to solve even the toughest supply chain challenges.

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