Introduction to Package Printing

Course Description

This course will overview the different printing methods such as flexography, lithography, gravure, screen printing, and digital printing. You will learn how these processes impact your packaging cost and quality. We will tie in the graphic development workflow including color management strategies, artwork generation, pre-press workflows, plate making and going to print—colors, roll and sheet stock technical specifications, timelines, budgets, and tips & tricks from industry veterans.

Course Curriculum

    1. Course Disclaimer

    2. Navigation Tutorial

    3. Package Printing Workbook

    4. Welcome - Introduction to Package Printing

    5. History of Printing

    6. The State of the Industry Infographic

    7. Package Printing Glossary

    1. Introduction to Printing 101

    2. Color Theory

    3. Artwork and Design

    4. Ordering Process

    5. Print Order Checklist

    6. Overruns and Underruns

    7. Inks

    8. Prepress

    9. Knowledge Check: Printing 101

    1. Introduction to Processes

    2. Letterpress

    3. Flexography

    4. Lithography

    5. Gravure/Intaglio

    6. Screen Printing

    7. Digital Printing

    8. Combination Presses

    9. Post Press

    10. Selection Strategy

    11. Future of Print

    12. Knowledge Check: Printing Processes

    1. Introduction to Printing Packaging

    2. General Labeling

    3. Cartons & Containers

    4. Flexible Packaging Systems

    5. Metal and Glass

    6. Plastic Packaging

    7. Bonus: Sustainable Printing Webinar

    8. Sustainable Printing Checklist

    9. Design Inspiration

    10. Knowledge Check: Printing Packaging

    1. That's a Wrap!

    2. Package Printing Exam Instructions

    3. Final Exam

    4. Give Us Your Feedback

About this course

  • $399.00
  • 42 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

About the Instructor

Dr. Andrew Hurley

Founder and Associate Professor

Packaging and entrepreneurship came together at an early age for Dr. Andrew Hurley. As a young boy, he molded and sold pewter figurines, but inadequate shipping materials led to breakage. Frustrated, he set to researching better packaging alternatives … and he hasn’t ever stopped. Dr. Hurley is an Associate Professor at Clemson University in the Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences. He leads the packaging design emphasis area, where he researches how to leverage packaging to solve even the toughest supply chain challenges.

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