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In this course, we will begin with the history of caramel color, dating back to the 19th century where it got its start as an additive in the brewing industry. We will then take a deep dive into the classifications of caramel color, caramel color manufacturing, key properties of caramel color, and labeling and regulations. This course will conclude with several pertinent and frequently asked questions concerning this ingredient, along with a list of trade organizations to reference for further insights.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. History and Definition of Caramel Color

    3. Classifications of Caramel Color

    4. Caramel Color Manufacturing

    5. Key Properties of Caramel Color

    6. Labeling and Regualtions

    7. Frequently Asked Questions

    8. Trade Organizations

    9. Caramel Color Conclusion

    10. Knowledge Check: Caramel Color

    11. Survey

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