Course Description

Clear, colorless, odorless, water is the common thread that runs through the production of any beverage. In this course, we will begin with the basics of water as an ingredient and how important it is to the beverage industry. Next, we will jump into water quality, water sources, source water challenges, source contamination, and source protection. Water treatment and regulatory requirements will be discussed at a high level. And we will conclude with some key takeaways concerning water as an ingredient!

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Importance of Water as an Ingredient

    3. Water Quality

    4. Water Supply Challenges

    5. Water Sources

    6. Source Contamination

    7. Source Protection

    8. Introduction to Water Treatment

    9. Regulatory Requirements

    10. Key Takeaways

    11. Wrap Up

    12. Knowledge Check: Water

    13. Survey

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