Course Description

In this course, we will discover how this ingredient had its start in ancient times, and how it has come to be used in the present day. We will cover the basic principles of HFCS and then dive into the chemistry behind this sweetener. The manufacturing process may sound a bit complicated, but we will break it down step by step to see how it is made for use in some of our favorite beverages. After that, we will explore quality guidelines and analysis, storage and handling, and labeling and regulations. Then, we will see how it all comes together in the lesson on applications and functionality. This course will conclude with several pertinent and frequently asked questions concerning this sweetener.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to High Fructose Corn Syrup!

    2. History of HFCS

    3. Sweetener Chemistry

    4. Raw Materials and Manufacturing

    5. Quality Guidelines and Analysis

    6. Storage and Handling

    7. Regulations, Labeling, and Nutrition

    8. Applications and Functionality

    9. Wrap Up

    10. Knowledge Check

    11. Survey

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