Course Description

In this course, we will begin with the basics of emulsions and how they are important to the beverage industry. Next, we will jump into the science behind emulsions, cover some basic terms, the molecular structure of starch, what makes a good emulsion, and the basics of the beverage emulsion process. We then will take a deep dive into beverage emulsion applications, emulsion innovations, natural emulsifiers, foaming agents, and pertinent labeling and safety.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Emulsions!

    2. Beverage Emulsifier Markets / Trends

    3. Introduction to Emulsion Science

    4. Beverage Emulsion Applications

    5. Types of Beverage Emulsion Product Lines

    6. Natural Emulsifiers

    7. Foaming Agents

    8. Regulatory Requirements

    9. Wrap Up

    10. Knowledge Check: Emulsions

    11. Survey

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