Introduction to Diemaking 101

Course Description

Diemaking 101 starts with an introduction to both diecutting and diemaking that summarizes tooling options from the past to the present, modern dies, new technology, and automation. Next, we discuss the product to be diecut, covering common types of material typically used for diecutting and how to select the correct rule for the job. We then get into the diecutting press and anvil / cutting surface, discussing the common types of presses, and the specific advantages and disadvantages to each type. The following modules cover steel rule knife and toolholder / dieboard parameters and are chock-full of technical information. The final module looks at diecutting ejection — the key processes, materials, and recommended actions.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Course

    2. History vs. Modern Methods

    3. Steel Rule Characteristics

    4. Knowledge Check: Introduction to Diecutting and Diemaking

    1. Section Overview

    2. Common Materials

    3. Selecting the Correct Rule for Different Substrates Part 1

    4. Selecting the Correct Rule for Different Substrates Part 2

    5. Knowledge Check: The Product to be Diecut and the Material to be Converted

    1. Section Overview

    2. Types of Presses

    3. Into vs. Onto Cutting

    4. Diecutting Challenge: Platen Diecutting

    5. Knowledge Check: The Diecutting Press and Anvil / Cutting Surface

    1. Section Overview

    2. Basic Types of Rule

    3. Serrated vs. Non-Serrated Deep Dive

    4. Steel Rule Die Knifing

    5. Knowledge Check: The Steel Rule Knife: Key Parameters

    1. Section Overview

    2. Specifics of Dieboards

    3. Types of Cutting Dies

    4. Steel Rule Dieboard Fabrication

    5. Rotary Die Shell Production

    6. Trends in Flat Dieboards

    7. ABCs of Dieboard

    8. Knowledge Check: The Toolholder / Dieboard Parameters

    1. Section Overview

    2. Diecutting Ejection Materials

    3. Diecutting Ejection Specifics

    4. Diecutting Ejection: Recommended Actions

    5. Knowledge Check: Ejection Devices and Ejection Materials

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