Introduction to Diecutting 101

Course Description

Diecutting 101 covers the fundamentals of diecutting; starting with an overview of the practice of this fabrication process. Next, we’ll dive into the major types of diecutting: platen: hard anvil diecutting, platen: soft anvil diecutting, cylinder-rotary hard anvil diecutting, cylinder-rotary soft anvil diecutting, rotary pressure cutting, and rotary crush cutting. Within these lessons we will cover the setup, processes, tools, and types of cutting required for each diecutting technology. We will then get into the converting process—covering cutting, creasing, scoring, perforating-serrated cutting, embossing, and debossing. We will conclude this course with an interactive lesson on the ‘sins’ of diecutting—key variable converting failure characteristics.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Diecutting

  • 2

    Converting Process

    • Introduction to the Converting Process

    • Cutting

    • Creasing

    • Scoring

    • Perforating-Serrated Cutting

    • Embossing

    • Debossing

    • Knowledge Check: Converting Process

  • 3

    Different Types of Diecutting

    • Introduction to Different Types of Diecutting

    • Platen: Hard Anvil Diecutting

    • Platen: Soft Anvil Diecutting

    • Cylinder: Rotary Hard Anvil Diecutting

    • Cylinder: Rotary Soft Anvil Diecutting

    • Rotary Crush Cutting

    • Rotary Pressure Cutting

    • Laser Cutting

    • Knowledge Check: Different Types of Diecutting

  • 4

    Key Diecutting Challenges

    • Introduction to Key Diecutting Challenges

    • Seven 'Sins' of Diecutting Converting

    • Knowledge Check: Key Diecutting Challenges

  • 5


    • Wrap Up

    • Glossary of Terms

    • Exam

    • Survey


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