Course Description

2 for the price of one - this course includes lessons, quizzes, and exams in both glass and metal packaging. This eLearning course teaches you how to source different types of glass packaging. It also covers the manufacturing, sustainability, and design of glass containers. We’ll also cover the metal packaging industry and outline raw materials and processing. As a takeaway, you will gain a stock container selection strategy for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial and chemical metal packaging applications.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Glass Overview

    • Navigation Tutorial

    • Glass Packaging Workbook

    • Introduction to Glass

    • History of Glass

    • Glass Industry Market Overview

    • Glass Packaging Basics

    • Sustainability

    • Glossary

  • 2

    Glass Manufacturing

    • Introduction to Glass Manufacturing

    • Glass Composition

    • Glass Manufacturing

    • Glass Colorants

    • Glass Treatments

    • Glass Types

    • Glass Properties

    • Inspections and Defects

    • Testing Standards

    • Anatomy of a Glass Bottle

    • Knowledge Check: Glass Manufacturing

  • 3

    Glass Container Design

    • Introduction to Glass Container Design

    • Cheat Sheet | Glass Container Styles

    • Finishes and Closures

    • Decorating and Labeling

    • Plastics vs. Glass

    • Glass Finish Drawing

    • Lightweight Glass

    • Design Innovations

    • Knowledge Check: Glass Container Design

  • 4

    Glass Procurement and Production

    • Ready for Order

    • General Glass Bottle Filling Process

    • Distribution

    • Glass Resource Locator

    • Knowledge Check: Procurement & Production

  • 5

    Glass Wrap-Up

    • That's a Wrap

    • Exam Instructions

    • Glass Exam

    • Glass Survey

  • 6

    Metal Overview

    • Metal Packaging Workbook

    • Welcome to Metal Packaging

    • Evolution of Metal Packaging

    • Industry Overview

    • Metal Packaging Basics

    • Sustainability of Metal

    • Glossary

    • Knowledge Check: Metal Overview

  • 7

    Metal Manufacturing

    • Introduction to Metal Manufacturing

    • Raw Materials and Refinement

    • Metal Manufacturing

    • Thermal Processing and Treatments

    • Anatomy of a Can

    • Understanding BPA

    • Knowledge Check: Metal Manufacturing

  • 8

    Metal Packaging Types

    • Introduction to Metal Packaging Types

    • Aerosols

    • Three Piece Cans

    • Beverage Cans

    • Flexible Materials

    • Tubes and Trays

    • Distribution Packaging

    • Knowledge Check: Metal Packaging Types

  • 9

    Metal Container Design

    • Introduction to Metal Container Design

    • Metal Closures

    • Decorating and Labeling

    • Specifications

    • Design Innovations

    • Knowledge Check: Metal Container Design

  • 10

    Industry Applications of Metal Packaging

    • Introduction to Industry Applications of Metal Packaging

    • Metal Package Design: Food

    • Metal Package Design: Beverage

    • Metal Package Design: Health and Beauty

    • Metal Package Design: Household and Industrial

    • Discussion

  • 11

    Metal Wrap-Up

    • That's a Wrap

    • Exam Instructions

    • Metal Assessment

    • Metal Survey

About the Instructor

Dr. Andrew Hurley

Founder and Associate Professor

Packaging and entrepreneurship came together at an early age for Dr. Andrew Hurley. As a young boy, he molded and sold pewter figurines, but inadequate shipping materials led to breakage. Frustrated, he set to researching better packaging alternatives … and he hasn’t ever stopped. Dr. Hurley is an Associate Professor at Clemson University in the Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences. He leads the packaging design emphasis area, where he researches how to leverage packaging to solve even the toughest supply chain challenges.