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Flavors, in many ways, defines the beverage industry. Without them, we’d all be drinking water! The beverage industry, particularly the soft drink industry, has very close ties to the advent of organic chemistry and the manufacturing of flavorings. In this course, we will explore flavors from ancient times up to the present day, while chronicling the beginning of the soft drink. Flavor documentation began with spices in ancient Egypt. Manufacturing was typically done by extracting the scent via a combination of mechanical and chemical methods. Things have changed a bit since then, and this course will cover the present day methods of manufacturing. We will also explore flavors in terms of their function in beverages, perception, labeling, available forms, raw materials and their use, and how the landscape of flavoring is changing.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. History of Flavoring Timeline

    3. Flavors Market

    4. Flavor Overview

    5. Perception of Flavor

    6. How are Flavors Defined?

    7. How are Flavors Labeled?

    8. Flavor Composition

    9. Flavor Manufacturing

    10. Raw Materials for Flavor Development

    11. Wrap Up

    12. Knowledge Check: Flavor Chemistry

    13. Survey

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