Introduction to Bioplastics for Packaging

Course curriculum

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    Bioplastics for Packaging

    • Introduction to Bioplastics

    • What are Bioplastics?

    • Beginning and End of Life for Bioplastics

    • Misconceptions About Bioplastics

    • Commercially Available Bioplastics

    • Global Standards/Certifications for Biodegradable Bioplastics

    • Global Production Capacities of Bioplastics

    • Opportunities to Apply Bioplastics in Packaging

    • Key Steps to Developing Packaging Based on Bioplastics

    • Wrap Up

    • Knowledge Check: Bioplastics

    • Survey

About the Instructor

Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni

President – KoolEarth Solutions Inc.

Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni is the founder and President of KoolEarth Solutions Inc., a technical consulting and business development company focused on helping small as well as large companies develop and commercialize new sustainable packaging solutions as well as to improve the sustainability footprint of existing packaging. Sandeep has over 20 years of industry experience working for several large packaging companies, such as International Paper, Neenah Paper and Georgia Pacific. Most recently he worked for PepsiCo, in the area of sustainable beverage packaging. Sandeep has 7 granted patents as well as several publications in industry journals. He has also served on conference advisory boards and has delivered several invited presentations, at international conferences, on the topics of sustainability and sustainable packaging. Sandeep serves as an Adjunct Professor at The Packaging School (affiliated with Clemson University) as well as the North Carolina State University.

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