Introduction to Fundamentals of Beverage Technology

Course Description

This course is a self-paced, interactive session providing a technical overview of the beverage industry. It covers the complete supply chain from research and development to ingredients, processing, packaging, and food safety to finished goods distribution. This understanding will serve as an important context and foundation for your future learning, inside the classroom, on your own, and on the job.

Student Testimonials

“Excellent course! ”

Hycenth Uchenye

“"This was a great course. Just wish I had the binder of all the information to refer to afterwards!"”

Mary Jane Quinn

“Excellent text. ”

Marcio Amazonas

“"I wanted to take this course to expand my knowledge in the beverage category. My previous job focused more on flavor development, so I knew these courses would help me build a solid foundation on how the beverage category operates—where it is going and proper protocols that are standards throughout the industry."”

Natalia Bogaczewicz

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Beverage Industry Overview

  • 2

    Introduction to Product R&D

    • Welcome to Introduction to Product R&D

    • Defining Product Development

    • Product Development Process

    • Knowledge Check: Introduction to Product R&D

  • 3

    Introduction to Beverage Ingredients

    • Welcome to Introduction to Beverage Ingredients

    • Types of Beverages

    • Ingredients in Beverages

    • Four Categories of Ingredients

    • Ingredient Interactions

    • Beverage Formulation Reference Guide

    • Knowledge Check: Introduction to Beverage Ingredients

  • 4

    Introduction to Beverage Processing

    • Welcome to Introduction to Beverage Processing

    • Beverage Processing Basics

    • Raw Material Handling

    • Beverage Processing Flow Chart

    • Beverage Processing Flow Chart PDF

    • Types of Filling Processes

    • Processes Reference Guide

    • Equipment

    • Knowledge Check: Introduction to Beverage Processing

  • 5

    Introduction to Beverage Packaging

    • Welcome to Introduction to Beverage Packaging

    • Why Beverage Packaging Matters

    • Bird's Eye View of the Beverage Packaging Landscape

    • Beverage Packaging Trends

    • Key Beverage Packaging Types

    • Key Beverage Packaging Types: PET

    • Key Beverage Packaging Types: Aluminum Cans

    • Key Beverage Packaging Types: Glass, Closures, Aseptic and BIB

    • Labeling

    • Knowledge Check: Introduction to Beverage Packaging

  • 6

    Introduction to Finished Goods Distribution

    • Welcome to Introduction to Finished Goods Distribution

    • Beverage Transport Modes

    • Beverage Portfolio Expansion and Packaging Considerations

    • Transport Planning and Sourcing

    • Food Safety in Transport

    • Preliminary Container Load Inspection Checklist

    • Knowledge Check: Introduction to Finished Goods Distribution

  • 7

    Introduction to Fountain Beverages

    • Welcome to Introduction to Fountain Beverages

    • Fountain Beverages: Past-Present

    • Fountain Equipment

    • Important Factors for Fountain Beverage Quality

    • Future of Fountain

    • Knowledge Check: Introduction to Fountain Beverages

  • 8

    Introduction to Food Safety

    • Welcome to Introduction to Food Safety

    • Defining Food Safety

    • Components of a Food Safety Plan

    • Regulatory Agencies

    • Knowledge Check: Introduction to Food Safety

  • 9


    • That's a Wrap!

    • Final Exam

    • Survey

About the Instructor

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Every organization in the beverage industry needs to have trained personnel proficient in beverage fundamentals, industry best practices, technical standards and current technology. As the premier technical beverage industry society, ISBT is in the unique position to offer you the very best in professional development and training solutions. Beverage Institute by ISBT® is designed to provide an important resource for the global community of beverage professionals. The sessions, given by experienced beverage professionals, provide overviews as well as in-depth discussions on key topics in the art and science of beverage production.

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